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Notarize authenticated signature
(last modified: 7/4/2017)

Contact details

Entity in charge

Any notary

listed in the: Website:

Expected results

Notarized authenticated signature Notarized authenticated signature


1. 01 - Libre deuda de patente
Identification card (original)
If the founders have agreed more than one founder to have authorization, than authentication of signature should be processed for all.


Cost detail


MKD 150
Signature authentication fee
For each additional authentication, additional 150 MKD should be paid

Time frame

Waiting time in queue: Min. 10mn - Max. 15mn
Attention at counter: Min. 10mn - Max. 20mn

Legal justification

1. Tariff for notary services (MK)
Tariff for notary services (MK)
articles 38, 55
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